Monday, November 1, 2010

What Causes Students To Strike In Schools In Kenya

Being a high school leaver it has helped me know why students strike in particular schools.This is because of the school ranking the national schools which are given the first priories in everything that they do, getting all the praises from the government not knowing that causes enemity in the schools.The provitional schols which are ranked the second best schools in the country get some attention but not like the national schools get this creates a rift between the schools and finally the district schools and the local schools as many call them.

The lower ranked schools feel discriminated from the the top ranked schools and this is a reason to why they strike because they want the attention the other schools get even if its in the wrong cause of attention.The taechers in some schools are so striked that the students are afraid of passing out  their problems thus going on a strike to pass out their frustrations.

Some schools have the better diet compared to the other schools.Some schools  pay high school fees than the others and thus their diet is better thus some schools feel like they are left behind and thus opting to go on a strike.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Different Types Of Dances

The dancing industry has changed from the dances of the 80s  to the latest dances today.People may ask who invented dance but nobody knows.The industry has faced major challenges as all the dances found want to be shown in the television.There are different dances like as many call them the dance-hall because they can be danced by everybody and any where the other type is hip-hop which not many people dance to it, there is the other types of dances that people say are the dances of the people in-love this are the rumba, salsa, jive and many others in that category.There is also the smooth dance like the RnB dances which are smooth and has very clean moves.The Jamaican artistes have come with different dance styles in  the industry .Artistes like Elephant man has come with his own dance moves which have danced by many and still are being danced like the gully creepa ,limbo, sweep and many others.

The other category is ballet which is mainly taught in schools and performed  by children aged between 6 years to 18 years old this type of dancing can be very challenging because it needs the full participation of the dancer because it requires training.The ballet dances may be performed in duo, trio or a group.People may dance ballet in the dancing companies .


Sunday, October 24, 2010


Fashion in Kenya
To many people fashion is making yourself look good in the presence of other people but fashion is actually is you why do i say this.This is because we Kenyans like coping the fashion of other countries like the US and the most developed countries instead of finding our own ideas in the fashion world.Fashion is being able to dress and feel good and comfortable with what you are wearing.